Directions to my office:

My office is located close to the corner of Broadway and Redondo in the Belmont Heights neighborhood of Long Beach. It is directly above a coffee house called "The Library." As you face the entrance to "The Library" you will see a door with a stairway to the left of the entrance (it is closest to the pizza parlor). Go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, you will see my door which should be unlocked. Walk right on in and make yourself at home. There is no receptionist and you will be walking into my waiting area so you will not be disturbing anyone.

The only tricky thing about finding my office is making sure you go through the door to the left of "The Library" entrance. (There is another therapist whose office is up the stairs to the right. I would hate to have you sitting in his waiting room wondering why I'm not there!).


If you are coming from the 605 S, the 22 W, or the 405 N:

Take the 405 north to the 7th street exit. Stay on 7th street past the intersection of Bellflower and Coast Highway. On 7th Street, you will go past a park. Keep on 7th Street until Redondo Avenue which is a major intersection. Make a left on Redondo (toward the beach). You'll stay on Redondo past 3rd street. The next intersection is Broadway. Make a left on Broadway. Park anywhere on the street. My office is in the old building on the right after you turn on to Broadway.


If you are coming from the 710 to the 405 S:

Take the 710 (toward Long Beach). Get off at the Broadway exit to Downtown Long Beach (this exit is on the left-hand side; not the right). Avoid going to the Queen Mary. Stay on Broadway. You'll go past the downtown area and through a more residential section. You'll continue past a small park on your right-hand side at the corner of Broadway and Cherry Avenue. Stay on Broadway. You'll go through the intersection of Broadway and Redondo. Once you go past Redondo, my building is immediately on the right.


Most of the time it is not a problem to find parking on the streets by my office. There is also parking behind the building (entrance off of Redondo). The sign says it is reserved for the Reno Room but it is actually for the whole building. Parking in the lot can be hit and miss -- it depends on the time of day and how badly people want coffee.

Craig Kain, PhD. * Licensed Psychologist Psy14664 * 3416 E Broadway,
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